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Our consolidation is the first in the nation to cross state lines and manages dispatch operations and personnel independently from the agencies it serves.  The RRRDC works under a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) in servicing all of the law enforcement, fire, and medical response in two counties in two different states.

Report power outages to your power company

During a storm it’s common for RRRDC to receive many emergency and non-emergency calls. Dispatchers need to focus their attention on emergency calls that pose a danger to the public such as down trees, power lines, and flooding. Calling 911 to report a power outage ties up valuable 911 phone lines needed for actual life-threatening […]

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RRRDC Employees Make Charitable Contribution

Each year, RRRDC communications operators are given the opportunity to participate in “Casual Weekends” by making a donation to be given to a charitable organization. RRRDC communications operators donated $1200.00 to the Lend a Hand program which assists local families experiencing tough medical challenges.  

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