Staff Profiles – Working at RRRDC

In this series of posts, RRRDC staff tells in their own words of their experiences working at RRRDC.  If you are interested in a career at RRRDC, please check out our employment page here:


Working here is:

  • Working here is one of the best jobs you’ll ever have. We get the opportunity to help so many people and make a lasting impact lives. Everyday it’s something different, it never feels boring
  • Busy, and something different every day. I like how everyone is willing to help me out if I have questions or need help understanding a procedure since there are so many agencies to learn!!
  • Very rewarding, frustrating, challenging, and mundane all at the same time
  • Exciting and fast paced. It is rewarding because it is a job that matters. You can really make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Exciting, rewarding, challenging and never predictable.
  • Fun! Everyday being different and knowing that your partners in the room are always there to get your back. It really is a teamwork environment!