Staff Profiles – What Surprised Me About This Job

In this series of posts, RRRDC staff tells in their own words of their experiences working at RRRDC.  If you are interested in a career at RRRDC, please check out our employment page here:


What most surprised me about this job is.

  • The amount and the diversity of the work we do. I was like a lot of people that think dispatchers take calls and send help to people when needed. The different types of calls, the medical assistance we provide, and the variety of the work! You learn something new every single day and every day is different.
  • How different it is on a day to day basis. This job never gets old or boring, you are always learning something new and the impact you can have on someone’s life isn’t something you can get at most jobs.
  • How often people’s cars are stolen!
  • I have learned so much about how different types of people handle different crisis situations, and I was also surprised by how I never stop learning about new ways to do things and that keeps me busy!    You never know what’s going to be on the other end of the line when you pick up so that’s kind of always a surprise!
  • Everyone hears about how hard and stressful and sad this job can be. I was most surprised that occasionally you get really heartwarming and wonderful calls that put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Like talking to a lady who was concerned to run her dryer because she thought snow might have covered up her dryer vent and her house would fill with CO. The fire department went out the next morning and cleared the vent for her and she was so sweet and happy about it.
  • I was really surprised by the number of domestic situations that occur. It’s not something I expected.