Staff Profiles – The Training Program

In this series of posts, RRRDC staff tells in their own words of their experiences working at RRRDC.  If you are interested in a career at RRRDC, please check out our employment page here:


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Training Program

The training program is:

  • Extremely informative! It is a long process but every single day is needed. There is a lot to learn about the variety of calls we take. There is a lot of information to learn. It’s great that you are never left alone. There is always a Certified Training Officer with you every day, on every call. Their support and knowledge makes the training process great.
  • Our training program is very thorough; we have excellent trainers that are with our new employees every step of the way.
  • Very stressful and difficult
  • A long process to help new employees become comfortable in dealing with all sorts of situations. Our trainers are supportive.  They like training and are really good at their jobs.
  • A long but wonderfully thorough process. They are very thorough so you feel ready to get out there when you’re on your own. The amount of time, energy, and money this center puts into making sure we are the best dispatchers we can be still astounds me! We have lots of continuous training as well which is always pretty interesting to me
  • Rigorous and rewarding. It’s incredibly satisfying to be good at this job and I feel like the training program reflects that because it gives you our job in manageable chunks and gives you time to conquer each step before moving on to the next.