RRRDC Employees Awarded

Congratulations to Red River Regional Dispatch Center employees who received awards in the first quarter of 2016 for their work at RRRDC.

FM Ambulance recently held ceremonies recognizing citizens who performed CPR resulting in a life saved.  During these ceremonies the role of the 911 dispatchers was acknowledged.   In each of these instances,  citizens  called 911 and a Red River Regional Dispatch Center communications operator provided the caller with pre-arrival instruction to initiate by-stander CPR.  In March, RRRDC honored Tina Lee, Chantel Shorey, Cathy McCracken, and Hilery Klein with a “Life Saver Award” for their work on these calls.

On March 23, 2016, Red River Regional Dispatch Center and employees were awarded two “Make A Difference” awards during a ceremony at the MN Sheriff’s Association/APCO/NENA conference.  One award was presented to RRRDC employee Jessie Pangrac for her work on a call involving a suicidal person with a weapon. In the award nomination, Director Mary Phillippi said “Jessie is deserving of the Make a Difference award for her perseverance, empathy and attention to officer safety which were instrumental in resolving this volatile situation successfully.   Another Make a Difference  award was presented to RRRDC employees  Bennie Sandhofner, Corey Olson, Janet Fischer, Mary Edinger, Jessie Pangrac, Shannon Grossman, Chelaine Anderson, Angie Oelfke, Mamie Mastenbrook, Aaron Basting, Nancy Cline, Cole Brunner, Hilery Klein, Amy Wardinski, Cathy McCracken, and Angie Monroe for their work during a call involving the shooting of Fargo Officer Jason Moszer.   In the nomination for this award, Director Mary Phillippi stated,  “I am profoundly grateful and proud of the staff at RRRDC and their commitment to making a difference in the community and performing their job commendably even through the most heartbreaking of times.”

Congratulations to the awards recipients for work well done.