Communications Operator Retires after 40 Years of Service

RRRDC announces the retirement of Communications Operator, Fern Cigelske.



Fern began her career as a 911 Communications Operator in Fargo on April 17, 1978.  Fern will retire on June 15, 2018 with over forty years of service.

Fern says that her dad encouraged her to apply for the job as he used to play cards with some of the Fargo Police Department detectives who told him they were hiring.   She recalled when 911 service came to Fargo; she said she was “shaking in her boots” when she heard they were getting 911.    One of the first calls she took on 911 was from a lady wondering how much liquid to put in a lemon pie.    Fern told her that she could call the fire department to find out because “they were pretty good cooks over there.”    Fern said she didn’t have any cookbooks and there was no internet so she came up with the best way she could to help the caller.     Over the years, Fern also took some difficult calls such as when family members died.  She said, “You never know who’s going to call.”   Fern thinks that technology has been the biggest change during her career.  She says she stayed over forty years because she loved the job.

We wish Fern the best as she begins her retirement and thank her for her many years of dedicated service to public safety.