February 2014 – Recorder Upgrade

The Red River Regional Dispatch Center upgraded their entire recording system in February with new servers and software.  This equipment is critical for recording all phone and radio transmissions that come into, or sent out of, the Center.  This upgrade is also another step in the direction of what is called Next Generation 911.  As other equipment is upgraded internally, and by wireless phone providers, this recording system will be able to record not only audio, but text messages, photographs, and videos that are recieved by the Center.

Recordings of any type received by the Center are considered “exempt” from the North Dakota Open Records Law.  As such these recordings may or may not be released depending on the circustances surrounding an ongoing investigation or in order to protect innocent parties.  All participating agencies in the RRRDC are asked to retrieve needed audios within a six month time frame from the time of an incident and achive them within their own records keeping systems.  This is done to ensure not only timely retrieval but assists in terms of limited storage space on the servers.