All residents of Cass County, ND and Clay County, MN are encouraged to sign up to recieve CodeRED Notifications in the case of an emergency situation.

The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a high volume – high speed Communication Service available for mass Emergency Notifications. CodeRED employs a one-of-a-kind Internet mapping capability for geographic targeting of calls, coupled with a high speed telephone calling system capable of delivering customized pre-recorded emergency messages directly to homes and businesses at the proven capacity of millions of calls per day.

Participants now have the option of signing up for CodeRED Weather Warning, a unique service that automatically calls citizens in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service.

In order to be notified via the CodeRED System, your phone number must be included in the telephone database for the system. To assure your phone numbers are included in the datebase, please follow the link below.


Code Red Community Notification Enrollment Page.