9-1-1 Guided CPR is Making a Difference

The work done by Communication Operators at RRRDC truly does make a difference.

Every Communication Operator at RRRDC is Emergency Medical Dispatch certified and can provide pre-arrival instructions for cardiac arrest, childbirth, and choking.

Early CPR increases the chance of survival and recovery in cardiac arrest.   RRRDC Communication Operators provide CPR instruction to callers numerous times each month and guide callers through by-stander CPR until police, fire, or EMS responders arrive on scene.

To date in 2019, three Communications Operators have earned Life Saver Awards for their work in providing pre-arrival CPR instructions to callers which helped to save lives.  Life Saver Awards are awarded to a Communication Operator when they provide CPR instructions and the patient survives as a result. In each of these instances, Communication Operators were quickly able to provide life-saving CPR instructions to callers after dispatching help, counting with the caller for up to five minutes before responders arrived on scene.   A Communication Operator can direct a caller into doing effective CPR in less than minute.  In each of these situations the patient would not likely have survived without the early bystander CPR.

RRRDC is proud of the life-saving work done by these Communication Operators in making a difference.