November 13, 2013 911 Hero Honored

Rylie King - 911 Hero

              Seven year old Riley King was honored November 13th as a 911 Hero.  Riley called 911 on September 15, 2013 when she was unable to wake her Grandmother who was having an unkown medical problem.  Having been instructed how to use 911 by her mother, Riley remained calm, followed instructions from the Communications Officer and assisted in obtaining the correct address for her location.  Due to her actions first responders were able to locate Riley and her Grandmother and perform life saving measures.  

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November 4, 2013 – Assistant Director Mary Phillippi Receives ENP Certification

        Assistant Director Mary Phillippi was awarded certification as an Emergency Number Professional (ENP).  This coveted certification, presented by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), shows that she has demonstrated a mastery of knowledge concerning the operations and management of a 911 communications center.  The recognition as an ENP is seen throughout the 911 industry as a mark of excellence in her comprehensive body of knowledge, awareness of current issues and developments, and dedication to the profession.  

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October 21, 2013 – Cheryl Stubbe Promoted to Shift Supervisor

Cheryl Stubbe

Cheryl Stubbe has been promoted to Shift Supervisor for the Red River Regional Dispatch Center (RRRDC) in Fargo-Moorhead.  Ms. Stubbe has worked at the Dispatch Center since 2007 where she has distinguished herself as an exceptional Public Safety Communications Operator and Communications Training Officer (CTO).  Prior to coming to the RRRDC Ms. Stubbe worked as an Associate Geographic Technician in Fargo and as a Guidance Consultant in Chicago.  She has a Masters in Science in Education from MSUM and volunteers her time outside of work for the FirstLink Hotline.

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RRRDC Receives P33 Training Program Certification from APCO International August 21, 2013

Training to become, and continually perform, as a professional Communications Operator is not any easy endeavor.  It requires rigorous and intense training which begins in the classroom with every new employee at the RRRDC . This training continues even on the dispatch floor for years to come as any seasoned veteran can attest. The RRRDC has been very accomplished over the year of producing highly skilled Communications Operators. As a result, the agency has been awarded the P33 Training Program Certification by the Association of Public Safety Communicators (APCO) International. The

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New World Systems Software Upgrade August 7, 2013

The entire Red River Regional consortium (Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo, Cass County, Clay County and the RRRDC) upgraded their Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management (CAD/RMS) system on August 7, 2013.   This upgrade of the New World System software puts the agencies on the most current platform offered by the company. There is a vast array of offerings in the upgrade which all of the Public Safety agencies have been looking forward to with great anticipation. This product allows for the gathering of all incidents related to Public Safety in this region starting with the initial

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Xybix, Inc. is Selected to Produce New Dispatch Workstations – May 7, 2013

The Red River Regional Dispatch Center (RRRDC) knew back in 2010 that they needed to upgrade their aging workstations.  The current ones did not meet with the ergonomic needs of the employees and they provided no environmental controls or safeguards.  Added to this, the workspace was not optimal and the nature of the floor plan on the dispatch floor made for a constricted traffic pattern.  Another issue had to do with unacceptable noise levels.   With new companies arriving on the scene and new options being offered in a variety of areas, it was imperative to do a thorough job of

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